Yahoo Account Compromise

Yahoo provides multiple services like yahoo mail services. This yahoo mail services can only be used when yahoo user log in with the ID and password. This yahoo mail is sometimes compromised. Though this compromised mail is easily detectable but still some users have problem detecting that there mail is compromised.

How to find that your yahoo mail has been compromised ?

There are various signs with which you can find that your account has been hacked. Some of which are:

  • You will notice some or the other changes in you yahoo account information
  • In the login activity page you can notice that your yahoo account has been login from unknown places
  • Your friends are receiving some spam mails that are not sent by you.
  • Yahoo mail sent messages has some mails sent which are not sent by you.
  • You are receiving multiple failed delivery messages in your yahoo account.
  • You are not receiving mails which you are waiting for.

How to recover or restore deleted yahoo email?

Once you find some or the other such problem in your yahoo mail account it is now clear that your account has been hacked. The next step is to stop this being continued.

yahoo account hacked

Until you are having access to your yahoo account you can still recover it. The first and very importance thing which should be done is changing your yahoo account password. By doing this, the other person can no longer sign in to your account. The other thing which should be kept in mind is keeping password strong enough such that no one can trace your password. One should never share personal information with any one including the bank account details, yahoo password and other important information either by mails or by any other means.

Even if you are unable to recover your compromised account yahoo user can directly mail to yahoo regarding the problem yahoo user is facing.

To maintain the account from being compromised it is necessary that one must follow the rules of safety provided by yahoo and must keep a password that remains secure and safe.