How to recover or restore deleted yahoo email ?

Yahoo mail service is the best service to use. Yahoo mail has millions of users all around the world. One can easily receive or send mails using this yahoo service. Though it is best service but it also provides a service of deleting the unwanted mails.

This is a fact that your yahoo mail is often full with unwanted mails that you really don’t want. You simply delete it. It happens sometimes that you delete a wrong mail or after deleting such mails you realize that the deleted mail was important.

recover or restore deleted yahoo email

Need not to worry because the deleted mail can be restored but remember that if you have permanently deleted any mail there is no such way to recover it but other mails can be recovered from trash account of yahoo mail.

How to recover or restore deleted yahoo email?

Yahoo very well understands that sometimes a user accidentally delete some emails. These emails can be important and thus yahoo provides special facility to recover it. You can recover it by following these steps:

  • Go to trash, after you sign in to your yahoo mail
  • All delete mails are stored here temporarily. Click mail which you want to recover
  • Click move
  • After clicking a pop up window will appear which will display where you want to move to
  • Select where you want to move

The deleted mail is now restored you can view it back now.

Remember that the trash folder stores only the currently deleted mails and mails of last 7 days can only be restored. Also if you have permanently deleted some mails they are not saved in the trash folder and thus can never be recovered. It is also essential to remember that if you have cleared the trash mail by yourself it will not save any deleted mail anymore. Sometimes yahoo also clears the trash periodically for making space and thus it deletes the old mails automatically.