Recover Deleted Email Contact

Yahoo is very famous name. Almost everyone all around the world knows about Yahoo. Yahoo is famous for ultimate services it provides. Other than various services like yahoo mail service, yahoo news, yahoo forecasting, yahoo finance etc it also provides very useful service of yahoo contacts. This service is not used by everyone but when if it is used this is very useful service.

recover yahoo contacts

Yahoo provides with the facility of yahoo Address book with which a yahoo user can manage contact online. This can also be said as an online contact manager that can help a yahoo user to store all information related to contacts online. After storing one can update or delete some or full information as per once wish.

People always manage the information stored online. After storing it may happen that sometimes you delete the contacts which were very important but do not worry this contact can be restored. If you feel that some of the old contacts are missing you can restore deleted contacts by following steps:

Decide whether you want to recover one contact or full contacts. If you choose you restore one or few contacts which have been deleted than you must remember that contacts deleted in past 30 days can only be recovered. To recover some contacts

  • Click on Contact Icon
  • In this column select Deleted Contact
  • Select each contact from the deleted contacts that you want to restore
  • Then click on Restore Contacts
  • Confirm by clicking on Restore again
  • Then click Done

restore yahoo contacts

Your restore contacts will now appear back in to the contacts. If in case when you opt for restore contacts and you are unable to find any of the contacts to select from than you must have deleted all the contacts from the list by mistake in such cases you need to restore all deleted contact of yahoo. You can simply click on “Restore your entire contacts list” by following the same process by this way you can recover the entire list automatically.